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Cradle of Humankind - Sterkfontein and Maropeng (FDTM05)

After being declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1999 Sterkfontein become one of the largest tourist attractions in South Africa. The Sterkfontein Caves are one of the richest and most productive anthropological sites in the world. Humans and other hominids have lived in this area for three million years. In fact this area records the first known use of fire by humans. It is reported that 40% of human ancestor fossils have been found here that date back more than 4-million years. The most important and famous of these fossils is “Mrs Ples” the first complete Australopithecus skull to be discovered. More recently, “Little Foot”, a 4.17 million-year-old almost complete ape-man skeleton was discovered in these caves. Arriving at Sterkfontein cave we will join a guided walk into the caves which last more or less an hour.

After the tour we make our way to Maropeng Museum. Winner of the 2008 Tourist Attraction category at the South African Tourism Welcome Awards, the Maropeng Museum is not just for amateurs of archaeology. This world class museum looks at the birth of the planet, the evolution of life on earth the development of DNA and the history of human-kind through the fossil discoveries in the area. The displays will leave you in wonder at where we may have come from as a species and how we fit into the web of life on our Earth home.

Full day
From R700


Anthropological site
Limestone caves
Maropeng Museum


Sterkfontein Cave entrance and guided tour
Museum Entrance



Summer months (November - March)

Pick-up: 8h30
Drop-off: 16h00/17h00

Winter months (April - October)

Pick-up: 8h30
Drop-off: 16h00/17h00