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Johannesburg Orientation & Apartheid Museum (HDTM11)

Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa by population and it is the provincial capital of Gauteng province, the centre of South Africa’s commerce and industry. Founded in the late 1800’s, Johannesburg owes its existence to the rich Witwatersrand gold reef that was discovered when George Harrison and George Walker stumbled onto the richest gold fields in the world. By 1896 Johannesburg had become a city of over 100,000 inhabitants and is now one of the 50 largest urban areas in the world with all the hustle & bustle of a modern city infused with an African flavour.

Then we move on to the main focus of our tour, the Apartheid Museum. You can easily spend a few hours in this museum that provides you with an in-depth look at South African history in the 20th century, which at its centre is the rise and fall of Apartheid. The exhibits illustrate by means of video, photography, written stories, and artifacts of all types, the events and history that chronical the tragic saga of the past struggles of South Africa. Be prepared for an emotional journey that will make you feel the oppression of the past and the optimism of the future in what is now known as the Rainbow Nation.

Half day
From R550


Apartheid Museum
Commissioner Street (Drive through)
New Town - (Drive through)


Apartheid Museum - Entrance


Entrances not indicated on itinerary

Morning Pick-up: 9h00
Morning Drop-off: 13h00

Afternoon Pick-up: 13h00
Afternoon Drop-off: 17h00

Please note the museum is closed on Mondays.